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Our Manizales

This city is recognized by its culture, both at national and international levels. It has 10 universities with more than 40 schools. There is also a great natural wealth.  

Manizales has a steep topography that ranges from the biodiversity of its ecosystems to its architectonic, historic and cultural  development and conservation.

After the terrible fire in 1925 when a big part of the city was destroyed, a construction based on neoclassic, neo-gothic and neo- Renaissance styles started. It is in this place where the Historical Center of Manizales is located today with a predominance of the Republican  architecture.


Festivities in the city

Due to its multicultural character, the city of  Manizales is famous around the world.  During all the year, there are diverse national and international events that are very attractive for thousands of tourists. This builds up a  strategic point for the academic, cultural and economic growing of the region.

  • Bull Fair | January
  • International Coffee Pageant | January
  • Handcraft Fair | January
  • International Festival of the Image | April
  • International Festival of Theater | September
  • Horse Exhibit | March Holiday
  • Jazz Festival | August

Place to visit

This Hotel EL Edén has become an important leader in the organization and foster of the ecological tourism in order to protect the environment of our Department.

The location of the city on the mountain range permit  us to enjoy of great variety of  eco-touristical places such as natural reservations and thanks to our archeological findings, we can get closer to our ancestors by means of the museums.

We also have the  Cultural Coffee Center, the Republic Bank and the Modern Art Museum to display our culture.

  • Snow Mountain Ruiz Volcano
  • Natural Park of Snow Mountains
  • Spring waters
  • Botanic Garden [U. of Caldas]
  • Museo Center [U. of Caldas]
  • Recinto del Pensamiento
  • Los Yarumos Eco-park
  • Los Alcázares Eco-park
  • Río Blanco Reservation
  • Río Claro Reservation
  • Monteleón Reservatio


Historic Center

Manizales preserves a  very important cultural heritage remarked by its   majestic variety of styles including the religious architecture with classic, gothic and Renaissance styles which create a magic atmosphere that invites  tourists to extend their staying to know deeply our beautiful city.

  • Basílica Cathedral
  • Nuestra Señora del Rosario
  • La Inmaculdada Church
  • Fátima Church
  • Pio XII Chapel
  • Old Train Station
  • A ir  Cable Station
  • Archiepiscopal Palace
  • Government Palace
  • Fine  Arts Palace
  • Sanz Building


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